Military Dad Surprises His Young Daughters While Dressed as Firefighter

They hadn't seen him in a year.

A military dad surprised his young daughters while donning firefighter gear.

Brittany Gottke said her husband Terry Gottke, who serves in the Ohio National Guard, had been deployed for a year and the couple wanted to do something special to surprise their daughters on his return.

"Our oldest daughter took [his deployment] the hardest and it ended up causing health issues," Brittany Gottke told

The Gottkes are both firefighters in Wayne Township and so, on the day off the surprise, Terry Gottke showed up on his front lawn. The girls didn’t know the fireman was their father until he took off his mask.

Their girls, 7-year-old Tawny and 5-year-old Brea, were stunned and jumped into their dad’s arms. 

"Tawny just hugged her dad and she would not let go,” Gottke said. ”She actually did not sleep that night because she was afraid he was going to be gone when she woke up."

Thankfully, she no longer has to worry.