Missouri Juvenile in Custody After Firing Bead Gun Inside Movie Theater Crowd: Cops

Bead Gun
Creve Coeur Police Department

No injuries were reported from Saturday’s shooting.

Cops in Missouri say they have a juvenile in custody after the juvenile allegedly fired a bead gun containing gel-bead caps into a crowded movie theater Saturday evening.

The Creve Coeur Police Department says in a press release they responded to a disturbance call at a movie theater near St. Louis after witnesses say a juvenile wearing a mask stood up from his seat and discharged beads from a gun at the crowd.

The juvenile then fled the scene, cops said.

Police said that the juvenile was then found in a nearby parking lot by officers who discovered the bead gun as well as a mask in the minor’s possession.

The juvenile was taken into custody and is pending a court hearing, according to police.

Since the suspect is a minor, their name and age are being withheld from the public.

No injuries were reported from Saturday’s shooting.

Brian Finder, who was in the theater with his 12-year-old daughter, 13-year-old son, and wife, who is seven-months pregnant, spoke to Fox 2 Now about the ordeal.

The Finder family was in the theater to see an evening screening of “Inside Out 2,” when the situation unfolded.

“We noticed a group of, I believe, three teenagers sneak into the movie,” Finder said. “They were clearly not part of the movie; hadn’t been there the whole time. They were jumping around seats, you know, acting like they weren’t there really to see the movie. Probably with about 10 minutes left in the movie, one of the individuals put on a ski mask (and) pulls what looked like a long rifle out of his backpack. It was colorful, but, you know, in the heat of the moment, we didn’t really know what was going on.”

Finder says the situation “happened super-fast. I’m just happy that they were able to catch the kid because this was obviously a very terrifying situation.”

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