MLB Pitcher Kicked in the Face, Tased After Allegedly Breaking Into House Through Doggie Door

Jacob Nix was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

San Diego Padres pitcher Jacob Nix was arrested in Arizona earlier this week after allegedly crawling through a doggie door in an attempt to break into a home, authorities said. 

Peoria police told ABC 15 that Nix, 23, was found by the homeowner trying to get in at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. The resident kicked him in the face and then tased him as another person tried to pull Nix back through the doggie door, police said. 

Nix and fellow baseball player Thomas Cosgrove were spotted by authorities a short time later just blocks away. They were both arrested. 

"We take this matter seriously and have been in contact with the Commissioner's Office and local authorities,” the Padres said in a statement on Thursday.

Nix allegedly told authorities he believed he was entering his own home. However, he told police he has no doggie door, authorities said. Police said the player was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, NBC News reported.

Nix was charged with two counts of criminal trespassing and released on $100 bail. Cosgrove was charged with one count of criminal trespassing and was released on bond.

Cosgrove appeared in court Tuesday. Nix's next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 16.