Mom and Son Crack Open a 50-Year-Old Can of Beer to Honor Late Man's Promise

In 1971, Diane and Ed Nusselhuf got married and bought themselves a can of Coors beer they pledged to drink on their 50th anniversary. Ed's death five years ago didn't stop his wife and son from honoring the decades-old promise.

When Diane and Ed Nusselhuf married in 1971, they bought themselves a can of Coors beer, which they promised to drink on their 50th wedding anniversary. 

And for nearly five decades, that can of beer followed them everywhere — Wisconsin, Minneapolis, British Columbia, Maryland and finally, South Dakota, KCAU reported.

But Sadly, Ed, a pastor, passed away in 2016, just five years short of the anniversary. 

“Ideally, it was going to be mom and dad in a room full of people celebrating their 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, of course, that couldn’t happen. So mom and I decided that we would honor the pledge that was made a long time ago,” Ben Nusselhuf, the couple’s adult son, said.

Finally, the day arrived, and the special moment was captured on video earlier this year.

“If you never hear from us again, it's because we have botulism,” Diana joked.

For the record, beer has a four- to six-month shelf life if stored at room temperature.

Ben cracked it open and took the first sip.

“Here’s to you, Ed,” Diane said. 

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