Mom of Cop Killed in Russian Roulette Shoot-Off Wants Answers

A mother is grieving and searching for answers after her daughter, 24-year-old St. Louis police officer Kaitlyn Alix, was shot and killed in a game of Russian Roulette.

A grieving mother has serious questions about the shocking shooting death of her police officer daughter.

"We need more answers," Aimee Chadwick told Inside Edition. "How it went down, I don't like it." 

Officer Katlyn Alix, 24, was shot while allegedly playing a game of Russian roulette with another officer. Alix, who had just gotten married three months ago, was laid to rest Tuesday in St. Louis.

Katlyn was off-duty when she was shot in the chest at a fellow officer's apartment around 1 a.m. last week. The St. Louis Police Department says Alix and the other officer were taking turns pulling the trigger of a gun loaded with one bullet while pointed at each other.

"She loved being an officer so much that she went to see cops when she was off duty. I guess, when you are a police officer you have a close bond with everyone,” her mother said. "She was the most selfless person, the most kind person."

Nathaniel Hendren, the officer accused of shooting Alix, reportedly gave himself a black eye when he head-butted a police vehicle in a fit of emotion right after the shooting. He is charged with involuntary manslaughter and also faces allegations of drinking on duty the night of the shooting. His lawyer calls the incident a "tragic accident."

On Thursday, a judge doubled Hendren's bond from $50,000 to $100,000 during a hearing at the St. Louis Circuit courthouse. Officer Hendren has been put on house arrest and can pay 10 percent of the new bond. Hendron’s attorney said that the evidence will show this was a tragic accident.

The top prosecutor in St. Louis is now accusing the police department of obstructing the investigation, which the department denies.