Mom Fights Off Cougar Attacking 7-Year-Old Son

Zach Bromley is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a cougar in his own back yard.

A 7-year-old is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a cougar in his own back yard.

His mom, Chelsea Bromley, is credited with saving him. She told Inside Edition she was shocked when she spotted the animal.

"I saw it, [and thought,] 'Dear God, my kid could die in front of my eyes,'" Bromley told Inside Edition. "I see this animal on my child and at first I didn’t even know what it was."

She added: "I realized it was a cougar and I jumped on the animal and I reached in and I try to pulling and pulling on his arm and he is a very strong animal." 

Zach Bromley suffered gashes on his head, neck and arms after the cougar attacked him in their yard in British Columbia

The child said he didn’t mind that the animal chose him because it could have gone after one of his younger siblings. 

"He said to me, ‘Mom, what if it was one of the younger kids? I am one of the stronger kids,'” Bromley recalled. 

Zach is recovering from his injuries, while his mom has earned a new nickname – “Mama Bear.”