Mom Humiliates Navy Vet Son Saying He's Too Afraid to Date in These '#HimToo' Times

Navy veteran's mom embarrassed him on the internet.
Pieter Hanson changed his Twitter handle after his mom's post. Pieter Hanson/Twitter

The Navy veteran isn't quite sure what to say to his mother.

Gee, thanks, Mom.

A 32-year-old Navy veteran was mortified by a Twitter post from his mother, which went viral in about a flat minute.

“This is MY son. He graduated #1 in boot camp. He was awarded the USO award. He was #1 in A school. He is a gentleman who respects women. He won’t go on solo dates due to the current climate of false sexual accusations by radical feminists with an axe to grind. I VOTE. #HimToo.”

She later took it down, but not before hundreds of memes popped up, mocking the social media post with movie characters, various animals and politicians.

Pieter Hanson, a University of Central Florida student, was floored. He had no idea his mother was up to something, and he certainly doesn't identify with the #HimToo movement, which rose up in opposition to #IBelieveDrFord in the war over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

The group his mother espoused is designed to publicize the belief that men are sometimes falsely accused of sexual misconduct and that accusers sometimes lie.

Hanson tried to clear up the misconceptions, writing on Twitter  that he identifies with women in the #MeToo movement. And he's not afraid of solo dating, either, he said.

What his mom wrote "doesn't represent me at all," he said. "I love my mom to death, but boy ..." he told the Washington Post. 

He hasn't decided exactly what to say to his mother, he said. She deleted her Twitter account Tuesday.

But he did change his Twitter handle to @Thatwasmymom Tuesday. He wrote, "Sometimes the people we love do things that hurt us without realizing it. Let’s turn this around. I respect and #BelieveWomen. I never have and never will support #HimToo. I’m a proud Navy vet, Cat Dad and Ally.”