Mother Jailed for Allegedly Trying to Kill Kids Now Accused of Plotting to Kill Her Ex

Therese Roever

Therese Irene Roever allegedly said she would rather have the kids go to foster care than to her former husband.

A Kansas woman already jailed for allegedly trying to kill her children now stands accused of conspiring with another inmate to have her former husband killed, authorities said.

Therese Irene Roever was arrested and charged in February with attempted capital murder after she allegedly poisoned her three children with a type of prescription medication, officials said.

Two of the three children were given enough medicine to kill them had they not been found by police, an affidavit obtained by the Kansas City Star said.

While in jail awaiting trial, Roever allegedly began looking for someone to kill the father of her children.

Newly released court documents noted a relative of another Johnson County jail inmate contacted Roever’s former husband to alert him that she was plotting his death, the Star reported.

The man reportedly contacted police and they interviewed the other inmate, who said Roever was looking to pay someone to kill her ex. 

“Ms. Roever was adamant that she wanted Mr. Roever out of the picture,” the document, obtained by the Star read. "Ms. Roever said she would rather die in prison or have the kids go to foster care, than have her ex-husband get the kids."

Roever allegedly provided the other inmate with her former husband’s address, home number and vehicle description, saying she wanted the other woman’s son to do it.

Roever was charged with a second count of attempted capital murder for the alleged plot kill her former husband. She is due in court in November.