Mother Who Drove Family of 8 Off Cliff Was Drunk: Report

The Hart Family
The Hart Family

Two of the children also had Benadryl in their system.

Jennifer Hart, who police said intentionally drove her family off a cliff in Northern California in late March, was drunk, according to preliminary toxicology reports.

The California Highway Patrol said on Friday that Jennifer Hart’s blood alcohol level was above the legal limit when she drove an SUV, carrying her wife and six children, off a cliff in Mendocino County on March 26.

Her wife, Sarah Hart, had a significant amount of Benadryl in her system, as did two of the children, police said.

This comes after a body, believed to be one of the children, was found near the cliff last week.

A couple vacationing reportedly saw the body and pulled it from the surf before calling authorities.

The children’s adoptive parents, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and three of their siblings were confirmed dead after the crash, police said.

Police hadn’t found the bodies of Devonte Hart and his adoptive sisters, 16-year-old Hannah Hart and 12-year-old Sierra.

All eight are presumed dead, police said.