Nephew of Fallen Officer Is Sworn In as Honorary Member of Police Department

“I will always do my best," 5-year-old Enzo Russell swore during the ceremony. "I will always have my badge with me."

The 5-year-old nephew of a Florida cop killed in the line of duty swore to uphold his legacy as he was sworn in as an honorary police officer.

“I will always do my best," Little Enzo Russell vowed during his swearing-in ceremony as an honorary officer of the Kissimmee Police Department. "I will always have my badge with me."

Although Enzo was a little shaky with all the officers during the big moment, he is proud to wear the department’s uniform and badge, and carry on his uncle’s legacy.

“Enzo can come to the department any time he wants to,” Stacie Miller of the Kissimmee Police Department told

His uncle, Sgt. Sam Howard, a 10-year veteran of the department, was one of two officers shot and killed during a routine check last summer. Another Officer Mathew Baxter, who was with the department for three years, was also killed in the confrontation.

Howard’s daughter is graduating high school in May, and the department plans to honor him by attending her graduation.

Everett Glenn Miller, 47, was later arrested in connection with the shooting and is currently being held in Osceola County Jail. His next court date is March 5.

Miller maintains that he is innocent.