New Jersey Cemetery Is Continually Vandalized and Robbed of Its Plantings

Farmingdale Historical Society
Farmingdale Historical Society

Brewer Cemetery has had rocks broken, bushes stolen and litter placed on the site. It's unclear why the graveyard continues to be vandalized.

After a group of volunteers decided to clean up a burial ground in New Jersey, they noticed that it's been consistently tampered with. Brewer Cemetery in Howell, which inters about seven veterans and 200 deceased people, has recently had bushes stolen and moved, and the property has also been littered on.

“As you may have read later in the week, two new bushes along with a new flag, flag holder, border and mulch was taken down to put in place of the one that had been taken,” Farmingdale Historical Society wrote on their Facebook page. “The two new bushes that were planted have been moved by another individual or group and replaced by other plants.  Our question is....why was this done and what purpose does it serve?”

Since the post, however, Farmingdale Historical Society, which worked on cleaning up the cemetery, told Inside Edition Digital they “have an idea who it may be” that is disrupting the cemetery.

Bushes have been uprooted and moved, stones have been broken, and there has been littering on the site.

“We are keeping a close eye on things this week to see if anything else comes about,” a representative said. “For now we are just going to continue to keep people informed and move on in a positive direction.”

Farmingdale Historical Society also said that authorities will be contacted if items at the cemetery continue to be disturbed, and they're asking the public to respect the land. 

“Many eyes are on Brewer, and other sacred places in the area. We ask that if you are visiting Brewer or any other cemetery /burial ground that you use the highest respect of the areas,” a Facebook post continued. "Please refrain from planting or leaving items unless you have a loved one interned there.”

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