New Jersey Teachers Pampered With Well-Deserved Makeovers

The teachers showed off their new looks as their students cheered them on.

Teachers are among the nation’s most essential workers, and helping kids learn in the middle of a pandemic can be stressful. So Inside Edition decided to pamper a group of teachers with well-deserved back-to-school makeovers.

“I’m not very fancy, so this is a treat,” one teacher said.

The makeup and hair stylists sanitized their hands and wore face shields. And after a lot of primping and preening, the teachers showed off their transformations to their students at James Ferris High School in Jersey City, New Jersey.

First up was school librarian Meredith Pooler. The students watching via Zoom thought she really looked snazzy in clothing and accessories by Express and Lulu’s.

Health teacher Rafael Ayala looked dapper showing off his brand new suit. Academic coach Rolanda Terry and business teacher Melissa Merrington also showed off their new outfits. Janitor Elijah Smalls is usually seen in his uniform, but he looked swanky in a new fall outfit.

The students loved the makeovers, and so did their teachers.