New York Officials Launch Investigation After Inside Edition Exposed Child Labor in Commune

Inside Edition found children working in a factory overseen by a religious sect.

The New York State Department of Labor is launching an investigation after Inside Edition exposed child labor at an upstate commune.

In a report that aired last week, Inside Edition found children working in a factory overseen by a religious sect called the Twelve Tribes in Cambridge, N.Y.

The youngsters were packaging high-end lotions and skin cream for brands sold by well-known chain retailers.

On Monday, NYS Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon released a statement about the report.

"The New York State Department of Labor is launching an official investigation into the Twelve Tribes community located in Cambridge, N.Y., based on an Inside Edition investigative report that aired on Friday, 6/1/18," it said. "The video showed children as young as 6 years old being put to work in farm and factory settings. 

"The public has put its trust in our agency to protect New York’s workers, and of all the labor violations we see, those against children are some of the most abhorrent. All children have the right to be protected. The Labor Department will aggressively enforce the state’s labor laws that guard all workers, especially children."

For more on Inside Edition's exclusive investigation, watch the full report here.