New York Philharmonic Performs Music Composed by 12-Year-Old Girl From Brooklyn

CBS Newspath

One 12-year-old girl from Brooklyn got the honor of her young life as her hometown New York philharmonic performed a piece of music she composed.

Grace Moore, who is in the seventh grade, composed the piece for the famous symphony orchestra as part of their Very Young Composers program, which teaches children how to create music.

"It is critical that symphony orchestras, which frankly have been seen as a sort of elite bastion, and very White bastion, that we begin to live in the 21st century, that we invite in people of color of all different kinds," Philharmonic President Deborah Borda told CBS Newspath about the program.

Moore told CBS Newspath that she can bring new people to the symphony who normally would have not gone before.

“I haven't really seen many people who look like me on stage,” she said.

"She was very excited about the fact that she could represent as a Black female composer and also such a young person," Moore's mom, Clara Stewart Moore, added.

Grace's composition was performed recently at an outdoor socially distant show by the Brooklyn Bridge and in front of Lincoln Center, where she directed the musicians.


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