With No Known Next of Kin, Charles Manson's Body Goes Unclaimed

If no one takes his body, the California Department of Corrections will decide whether to cremate or bury him.

The location of Charles Manson’s final resting place will likely be decided by the state his murderous cult once terrorized, as the criminal never listed a next of kin prior to his death.

Manson, 83, died of natural causes at 8:13 p.m. Sunday after reportedly being hospitalized multiple times this year.

The convicted murderer never listed a next of kin with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations, which will assume control of his body if no relative steps forward within 10 days of his death.

It is unclear whether Manson would then be cremated or buried.

Even in old age, Manson had a devoted base of followers. He came close to marrying 29-year-old Star Burton, who in 2014 announced she was engaged to the serial killer and cult leader.

Their 90-day marriage license, however, expired in February 2015 — before they could arrange a ceremony.

"We were not able to make it within those 90 days and we are going to get married,” Burton said at the time. “We are married in our minds.”

Manson was denied parole 12 times and spent more than half his life in prison.

Relatives of some of the seven victims have also spoken out in the wake of Manson’s death.

In an interview airing tomorrow, Debra Tate, the sister of murdered actress Sharon Tate, told TV's Dr. Oz that she will continue to fight to keep the five remaining members of the Manson family behind bars.

It’s very difficult to wrap one's head around the possibility that any of these people, being the vicious, heinous criminals that they are, having the possibility to walk among us, free,” she said.