Nun Runs 10K Race to Raise Money for Orphans: 'I Always Run With a Rosary'

She said this is just one of many races she's participated in.

One nun is on the move. 

Sister Mary Beth Lloyd, of New Jersey, said the 2018 Cooper Bridge Run, a 10K race she is preparing for, is no big feat. She says she usually runs longer races.

"I always run with a rosary,” Lloyd said. "I don't go fast, I get to the end. That's the trick." 

And during her runs, she spreads awareness while running for children in countries like Ethiopia who have become orphans because their parents died of AIDS. 

"They have very little to eat, very little clothing, education, and so we're trying to provide for them," Lloyd said.

As people stop to talk to her, she encourages them to donate to her cause. She runs for an organization called Orphans Rising.  

She also prays for people along her routes.

"I pray for people along the way who ask me for prayers, anyone that needs help," Lloyd said. 

After posting about the bridge run on Facebook, she quickly raised $5,000 for the cause.

Lloyd said the real motivation that gets her through each race is knowing that she's making a difference in the lives of kids who need it.