Nurse Learns Baby She Helped Deliver 22 Years Ago Is Now Her Daughter-in-Law

A Utah nurse was stunned to learn that a baby she helped deliver 22 years ago is now married to her son.

Utah nurse Mary Ann West has worked in the labor and delivery unit of Lakeview Hospital for more than two decades. She's helped deliver many, many infants.

Now one of them, 22-year-old Kelsey Poll, is married to her son. 

"To know that I was holding my future daughter-in-law in my arms, and now that precious little baby is going to be part of our family forever," was absolutely stunning, said West.

Two years ago, West's son walked into a bank where Poll was working as a teller. Tyler West was smitten, and the two began dating.

Eventually, they married. The couple were looking at Kelsey's baby photos when they came upon an image of Kelsey, just after she was born. The nurse holding her was Mary Ann West.

"Tyler and Kelsey sent me a text and said, 'Um, you delivered Kelsey!' I said, 'What?'''

Then the couple sent a copy of the photo. And Mary Ann remembered the birth.

Kelsey's mother had been a nervous wreck, and Mary Ann helped calm her.

Photos and a video were taken after Kelsey arrived, with smiles all round.

Tyler West thinks his union with Kelsey was fated.

"It just seemed like it was meant to be, ever since she was born," he said.

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