Officer Begs for Her Life After Fugitive Pulls Out Gun During Traffic Stop

The incident occurred in July 2018, but the footage has just been released.

An Illinois police officer got the shock of her life when a routine traffic stop turned deadly

Lakemoor Officer Brianna Tedesco pulled over a vehicle with out-of-state plates on a dark desolate road and questioned the driver. Video captured the encounter.

"It’s suspicious that you're back here, it doesn't normally happen,” the officer told the driver, who seemed nervous and fumbled for his documents. 

The driver told her he doesn't have a license.

"I just have to make sure you don't have any warrants or anything, which I’m sure you don't," Tedesco said. 

The driver then gave her the name "James Dunkin" but after a quick search showed it wasn't a real name. 

"They’re not finding a DL, a driver's license record, for a James Dunkin. Do you have anything in the vehicle with your name on it?" she asked. 

The man then pulled out a gun on the cop.

In a emotional plea, she begged for her life screaming, “Please don’t shoot me!” They struggled for 20 seconds before another cop on the scene opened fire on the suspect.

The suspect, whose real name was Kenneth Martell, was killed. He was wanted in Pennsylvania for the home invasion robbery and murder of 88-year-old Theodore Garver.    

The incident occurred in July 2018, but the footage was released Monday by Lake County State's Attorney.