O.J. Simpson Doesn't Want Contact With Embattled Ex But 'Wishes Her the Best'

Christie Prody says she doesn't "need any help from O.J." following his denials.

O.J. Simpson has a message for the troubled ex-girlfriend: Don't call me.

It comes after Inside Edition found Christie Prody has fallen on hard times in Fargo, N.D., admitting she is battling addiction to drugs like cocaine and meth. 

Simpson and Prody dated for 12 years, during which they lived a glamorous lifestyle.

But the disgraced football star was tight-lipped as he left a Las Vegas restaurant over the weekend and as approached by Inside Edition to comment about Prody. 

After whisking Simpson away in his car, his attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, returned to speak to Inside Edition. Even he was taken aback when he saw the toll that drugs have taken on the once fresh-faced Prody.

“It saddens me and I’m sure it kind of saddens Mr. Simpson at this point to see her down and out like this,” LaVergne said. “Mr. Simpson has no desire for any contact with Ms. Prody. However, Mr. Simpson wants it to be known publicly and be very clear about this: He wishes Ms. Prody the best. He really does.”

Prody told Inside Edition she's fine with getting the cold shoulder from her ex.

“I don't need any help from O.J.,” she said.