The Oldest Man in the World, Masazo Nonaka, Turns 113 Years Old

Masazo Nonaka of Hokkaido, Japan, credits his longevity to soaking in hot springs and enjoying sweet foods.

The oldest man in the world has added another milestone under his belt — another birthday

Masazo Nonaka of Hokkaido, Japan, turned 113 years old on Wednesday, July 25.

Born in Imperial Japan, Nonaka grew up in a large family of six brothers and one sister.

He went on to have a large family of his own after he married a woman named Hatsuno in 1931 and raised five children.

In his old age, Nonaka enjoys spending time with his family and cats, Kuro and Haru, and watching sumo wrestling on television.

He credits his longevity to soaking in hot springs and enjoying sweet foods.

Nonaka has been the oldest man alive since April, when he was awarded the title by Guinness World Records after an extensive search.

The previous record holder, Francisco Nunez Olivera of Spain, died in January at 113 years old.