Parents of Twins Shocked to Find Out They're Having Triplets

The Tolbert family
The Tolbert family

They also have a 6-year-old son.

Although one Maryland couple was shocked when they found out they were expecting twins in 2014, finding out they were expecting triplets this year took the cake.

Nia Tolbert and her husband, Robert, already have three sons, a 6-year-old and 2-year-old twins, so they were flabbergasted when they found out Tolbert was having multiples again.

“I knew I was pregnant. I went for a routine ultrasound,” Nia Tolbert said. “At the appointment, they were like, ‘Here is baby A, baby B, baby C’. It was a major shocker.”

The mom said twins run in her family but their twin sons, Alexander and Riley, are identical, which isn’t genetic. 

Tolbert said she waited a few days to tell her husband after she found out in August. She was scheduled to go out of town so she prepared a gift bag for him to find. 

Inside the bag was the ultrasound from her appointment, a card, and three little onesies. 

The card read: “Please accept this gift from me and God.” 

“I looked a little closer and in the bag were the onesies. I was very shocked to say the least,” Robert Tolbert said. “I closed my eyes and I fainted.”

The family is now expecting three little girls that are due in March. They said they’ve since adjusted to the news.

“With any new child, there is an initial shock but with it being multiples it’s even more so,” Nia Tolbert said. “Our oldest [child] is excited.”

The couple said they are officially done having kids, but they will now have a perfect balance - three girls and three boys.