Pastor Spoke Lovingly of Daughter in Sermon Taped Before She, 25 Others Were Killed in Church Massacre

Some of the people in the video were likely inside the church when assault rifle-wielding madman Devin Kelley opened fire during Sunday morning services.

Video inside the Texas church where 26 people were shot and killed Sunday has surfaced of what it was like inside the house of worship before it turned into a scene from Hell. 

In a sermon given a week ago, Pastor Frank Pomeroy spoke about riding to church on his Harley with his 14-year-old adopted daughter Annabelle riding with him. 

“She was back there cuddled behind me and when I pointed at the temperature gauge, I felt her snuggle even tighter,” he said in the sermon. 

Annabelle herself was sometimes called upon to speak to the congregation. 

Tragically, she is one of the 26 people killed Sunday after Devin Kelley, armed with an AR-15 rifle, opened fire on the congregation. 

The pastor and his wife were out of town when the massacre took place. They spoke out Monday morning, saying: “As senseless as this tragedy was, our sweet Belle would not have been able to deal with losing so much family yesterday.”

At every service, the churchgoers at First Baptist Church in Sutherland in Sutherland Springs, Texas, hug and shake hands with their neighbors. 

Services usually feature inspirational songs by a gospel duo. Sometimes there are performances by a choir known as The Steel Magnolias. 

Sutherland Springs is a speck on the map of Texas.

There's a gas station across the street is the First Baptist Church, the site of the massacre. There's not even a traffic light — just a yellow blinking light at the main intersection. 

Sutherland Springs has a population of just 380 people. Ten percent of that population was killed or wounded in the attack.