Pennsylvania Vows to Tally Every Vote as Trump Threatens to Go to Supreme Court to Stop Counting

The critical state of Pennsylvania has counted 50% of mailed ballots, but may need days for a full tally, officials said.

The critical election state of Pennsylvania will not stop counting until every ballot is tallied, despite threats from President Donald Trump that he will go to the U.S. Supreme Court to shut down tabulations, Gov. Tom Wolf vowed Wednesday.

As the country awoke to an undecided presidential election, Wolf warned state election officials would not be intimidated by "outside influences." Trump, without providing proof, again falsely claimed that Democrats had rigged the election and declared himself the winner of the presidential race.

"Make no mistake our democracy is being tested in this election," the governor told reporters. "The delay that we're seeing is a sign that the system is working," he said. "We may not know the results even today."

Pennsylvania, with 20 electoral votes, is a pivotal state in deciding the presidential. Mostly white, Pennsylvania highlights the national divide of rural areas going for Trump, and Biden prevailing in cities and suburbs with surging Democratic parties.

"There are still millions of ballots left to be counted," Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said Wednesday, noting that 50% of mailed ballots had been tabulated. Poll workers are counting around the clock, she said.

Pennsylvania, like the rest of the country, was deluged by voters casting their ballots by mail as the coronavirus pandemic gripped America. 

Mail-in ballots are expected to benefit Biden, according to election experts. State officials have said results may not be finalized until Friday.

"We'll be done as soon as we're done," Lisa Deeley, chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioners, told reporters Wednesday. "We want to make sure that every vote that is legitimately cast and is good, it gets counted. That's what normally what happens in elections."

As of midday, with the race too close to call, Trump led Biden 54% to 45% in the state, according to the secretary of state's website.