Phony Doctor Malachi Love-Robinson Claims He Only Wanted to Help People

Malachi Love-Robinson was jailed for practicing medicine without a license. Now, he's working in the prison kitchen.

In 2016, an 18-year-old man was busted after posing as a Florida doctor and treating patients. He has since traded scrubs for prison jumpsuits.

Malachi Love-Robinson is currently serving a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence and is discussing his life behind bars exclusively with Inside Edition.

Love-Robinson currently works in the prison kitchen. 

When asked about the motivation behind his crimes by Inside Edition's Les Trent, he said: “I was a young kid that got overly ambitious and just said to hell with the rules and regulations." 

Dr. Love, as he called himself, was just 18 when he set up a clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida. He even wrote fake patient testimonials.

“As a kid it's always been my dream to be a physician," he said. "I guess the bigger picture was seeing the smiles, people thinking you're something you’re not."

Love-Robinson is serving out his sentence at a maximum security lockup outside Fort Myers. He feels remorse for his actions.

“I 100-percent regret what I’ve done, the reason being — No. 1 — I've messed my life up a great deal," Love-Robinson said.

He said he still wants to be a physician someday.