Pianist in South Africa Plays Among Debris Left From Violence

Piano teacher Jenny Bowes felt compelled to play a piano found within the debris after days of violence as a prayer for the circumstances to improve.

A pianist in South Africa played the country’s national anthem among the debris left in the aftermath of days-long violence. 

Jenny Bowes, a piano teacher in Durban, says the violence that has broken out in her country amid protests over the jailing of a former president has been heartbreaking to witness. 

When Bowes went to a storage facility that had been looted, she saw a piano standing in the middle of the trash and was compelled to play in prayer for better days, she told Inside Edition.  

“I sang it in faith, I sang it not just for me and our personal situation but I sang it for the people in this facility, for the people of this province, for the people of this nation, because, I mean, it says God bless Africa." she said.

Though reports say the unrest has been contained, more than 200 people have died and hundreds of businesses have been destroyed. 

Many are saying this is the worst violence the country has seen in years. ​​"It’s really a hymn and so I knew that I just wanted to sing that and declare that over my own, our own situation but for so many others but it was with a broken heart that I sang it." Bowes said.

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