President Trump Griping to Friends That Stormy Daniels Is 'Not My Type': Report

The president claims there's no way he would have slept with the adult film actress, since he doesn't find her attractive.

President Trump has reportedly told his friends that adult film star Stormy Daniels just doesn't do it for him. 

"The president even has griped to several people that Daniels is not the type of woman he finds attractive," The Washington Post reported Monday.

As the fallout over her 60 Minutes interview rocks the White House, photographers found her in high spirits at a Tex-Mex bar in Dallas with friends Monday night.

Also on Monday night, her attorney, Michael Avenatti, had an extraordinary argument with the lawyer for embattled Trump adviser Michael Cohen on CNN.

"Let’s talk about Michael Cohen. What kind of man this is?" Avenatti asked Cohen’s lawyer, David Schwartz. "The guy doesn’t even know the law. He’s a thug. Your friend is a thug. A thug. Thug. Thug. Thug. Thug."

It has been learned that President Trump did in fact watch the 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night along with 22 million other Americans. Trump has been quizzing staffers about Daniels, and telling them that in his opinion, she did not seem credible, according to The Washington Post.

A new CNN poll shows that 63 percent of Americans believe Daniels and 21 percent believe the president's denials of an affair

So far, the president has said not publicly addressed the Daniels’ interview or Karen McDougal, the former “Playmate of the Year” who claims she carried on a passionate 10-month affair with Trump that began in 2006.

Also remaining quiet is first lady Melania Trump, who did not return to The White House with the president after the weekend. Her spokeswoman said "she is focused on being a mom and is quite enjoying spring break at Mar-a-Lago while working on future projects."