Puppy Who Can't Walk and Pigeon Who Can't Fly Become Friends

A photo of the pair garnered more than 40,000 shares.

A puppy who can’t walk and a pigeon who can’t fly turned out to be unlikely friends. 

Herman the pigeon who can’t fly, either due to the West Nile Virus or a brain injury, arrived last year at the New York nonprofit Mia Foundation, which helps special needs animals. Lundy, a Chihuahua, arrived at the shelter six weeks ago.

“I had Herman in a dog bed and was tending to Lundy. I set Lundy next to him and they looked so adorable that I snapped a few photos,” Sue Rogers, the organization's founder, told InsideEdition.com. 

The Facebook photos have since been shared more than 40,000 times.

Rogers was a bit concerned because Herman is a wild pigeon, so she kept a close eye. But she said he was extra careful with 8-week-old Lundy.

“To my amazement, he was very sweet,” she said.

The photos brought in more than $6,000 in donations for the organization. And since it is run solely on donations, it was a great help.

“Some of the surgeries required for our special needs animals run from $1,000 to $8,000 dollars, depending. The donations are needed and appreciated,” Rogers said.

Since Rogers posted the photos, she said they have received more than 100 inquiries on adopting the pair.