R. Kelly Is Lovin' Being out of Jail

The R&B singer wasted no time hitting McDonald's after finally making bail.

Embattled singer R. Kelly, who is facing 10 counts of sexual abuse, walked out of a Chicago jail Monday and headed to a nearby McDonald's.

His black van pulled into the parking lot of the fast food chain in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. Kelly was wearing a brown coat, black hoodie and sunglasses as he chowed down on a burger, fries and a soft drink.

Fans flocked for the chance to see the singer. One guy went inside and got an autograph.

"He said he was innocent, and that was it and that he really couldn't speak to us,” the man told Inside Edition. 

Kelly has quite the history with McDonald's.

"Me and my mom would go to McDonald’s before she'd go to work, before I’d go to school and she'd get us a danish, which was all we could afford, was a danish and a coffee,” he said in a 2016 interview with Elliott Wilson's #CRWN series. 

But it's also a dark place for so many of Kelly’s alleged victims. In the Lifetime documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly,” two women talked about how the singer allegedly used McDonald’s as a hunting ground for young girls. 

"The first time I saw R. Kelly I was probably around 12, maybe 13. We would hang out at the McDonald’s in Hyde Park,” one alleged victim said in the series. “We'd always see him come in by himself but leave with some student."

The location he visited Monday night is the same McDonald’s where a 16-year-old girl says she met Kelly in 1998 "on the evening of her prom."  She later sued, claiming "he coerced her into having an abortion." The case was settled out of court.

After he was done eating, Kelly stopped at Biggs Mansion Cigar Lounge where he was reportedly joined by Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, two women whose parents claim are being held against their will by the singer.

The women seen with Kelly denied they are being held against their will. Kelly also pleaded not guilty to the charges and has previously denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

The Chicago Tribune reports that court records show a 47-year-old Romeoville, Illinois, woman posted the bail with 10 percent of the $1 million bond that a judge set on Monday. The newspaper reports she identified herself on the bond slip as "a friend" of the singer.