Reporter Who Vanished After Texting About Man Following Her Found Safe, May Have Had Bad Reaction to Meds

Courtney Roland may have been confused because of a reaction to medication she was taking.

Courtney Roland was still having problems with her memory Monday, according to officials.

A Texas journalist who disappeared after texting her roommate that she believed a man was following her may have been confused as a result of medication she was taking, police said Monday.

On Saturday, 29-year-old Courtney Roland went to a football camp for Team Texas Elite to cover the event for her job as a reporter for and

But at around midnight, Roland texted her roommate that she was worried a man in a blue truck was following her after she left a Walgreens store, authorities said.

At about the same time, the sports reporter’s mother got a text from her daughter’s phone that said: “Hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad.”

Police found Roland’s phone in her white Jeep at a parking lot near the Houston Galleria overnight. Her purse and other items were found at a nearby business, officials said.

Roland had been last seen walking alone in a store at the mall at about 5:40 p.m. Sunday, cops said.

Law enforcement and Roland’s worried family members and friends appealed to the public in their search for the missing woman, and a tipster called police at about 8:15 a.m. Monday morning to say they spotted Roland under an overpass in Richmond.

Responding officers found her at a nearby Chick-fil-A, authorities said.

Roland was taken to a local hospital but appeared to be unharmed. It is believed that she took medication that may have left her confused, police said a press conference Monday.

She did not realize she had been reported missing and lost track of time while looking for her cell phone, cops said.

“Just got off the phone with Courtney Roland’s folks,” Mark Passwaters, Roland’s colleague, wrote on Twitter. “They wanted to let everyone know she is OK and they are so incredibly thankful for all the love, support and help received over the past day.”

Roland was still having problems with her memory Monday, according to officials.

Police do not suspect any foul play and said they had no way of knowing whether Roland was actually followed.