Residents Pelt Each Other With Colorful Flour for Annual Event

The event is held in a small Greek town and is believed to have begun in 1801.

The people of a small seaside town in Greece declared war on each other using flour. 

Residents of Galaxidi took part in the annual "Flour War" on Monday, where revelers pelt each other with bags of dyed flour on the main street near the town’s old harbor.

The colorful explosion that takes place every Clean Monday, an Orthodox Christian holiday marking the beginning of Lent and the end of the carnival season.

Participants cover themselves in plastic clothing, and don face masks and goggles with the objective of getting as much colorful dye on your opponent as possible. 

Galaxidi, located just 120 miles west of Athens, has about 1,700 inhabitants. Those uninterested in participating in the "war" can watch in special areas. Homes in the town are covered with plastic to keep flour from getting inside. 

The event is believed to have started in 1801 when Galaxidi residents defied the Ottoman rulers occupying Greece by celebrating the forbidden carnival and painting their faces with ash while dancing in the streets.