School Bus Driver Hailed a Hero After Saving Kids From Fiery Crash

She quickly radioed for help and got the children off the bus.

A Georgia bus driver is being hailed a hero after she got schoolchildren to safety after a fiery crash Friday afternoon.

In a dramatic video of the incident, a truck can be seen abruptly crashing into the side of the Douglas County school bus and a student can be seen flying across the aisle and into the next seat.

Bus driver Shuronda Richardson quickly radioed for help and once she realized the truck was on fire, she quickly got the kids outside the bus.

“It’s my motherly instinct, I guess,” Richardson told a local news outlet. “It was, ‘It’s on fire, get them off!"

A two-vehicle wreck near the bus catapulted one of the vehicles, a Chevrolet S-10 truck, into the side of Richardson’s bus, reports said.

Richardson’s quick thinking may have saved the lives of the three children on board. Within ten minutes, the bus was filled with smoke as it caught fire.

The truck's driver, who was not immediately identified, was transported to the hospital for treatment of a broken arm, Fox5 News reported

Richardson said she was just doing what she needed to do.

“I am not a hero — the babies are heroes,” Richardson told WGCL. “They listened and did what they were supposed to do.”