Search Is on for Giant Pandas Captured on Camera Engaged in Brawl That Lasted for More Than 17 Minutes

The remarkable footage of the pandas, which were likely fighting likely over mating rights, was captured in China’s Sichuan province.

When someone says Panda, most usually think of cute little cuddly animals, but that was not the case in a recent incident in China’s Sichuan province. Two giant pandas were caught on camera in a vicious fight in the wild. The disagreement was most likely over mating rights.

The animals gnashed and clawed at each other for 17 full minutes. At the end of the brawl, one of the pandas suffered facial injuries. This kicked in an ongoing search effort from the community who wants to find the panda and make sure their wounds are treated.

It’s understandable as giant pandas are incredibly rare. There are currently fewer than 1900 living in the wild, and they are all in southeast China. And researchers want to ensure that every last one of them is as safe as possible.

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