Seattle Seahawks Cut Ties With Lineman Chad Wheeler After He's Charged With Abusing Girlfriend

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The Seattle Seahawks say they have cut all ties with Chad Wheeler, a lineman who has been arrested on domestic abuse charges. His girlfriend called 911 from a locked bathroom saying he was trying to kill her. At one point she texted 911, because she was too afraid to speak out loud.

“Please come in. He’s trying to kill me,” the text said. “Break down the door now!”

According to court documents, the fight broke out when Wheeler, 27, allegedly asked his girlfriend to "bow down to him." When she refused, he strangled her with "both hands" until she passed out, leaving "noticeable fingerprints on both sides of her neck."

When she regained consciousness, Wheeler remarked, "Wow, you're alive?" That's when she fled into the bathroom and locked the door, at which point cops say Wheeler picked the lock. On the 911 tape, you can hear the moment he breaks in.

Wheeler is blaming his actions on a “manic episode,” claiming he recently stopped taking medication for bipolar disorder.

"It is time for me to get the help I need,” Wheeler tweeted. “I cannot express my sorrow or remorse enough. I am truly ashamed.”

Wheeler made his first court appearance Wednesday. He is expected to enter a plea on Feb. 9, when he’s in court for his arraignment.


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