Is 'Seinfeld' Offensive? Classic Series Is Coming Under Fire by Millennials

The series is one of the most quotable ever, but has it aged well?

Some classic “Seinfeld” episodes are coming under fire from a younger generation of viewers. 

In a recent article, Bustle argues that certain episodes are downright racist and sexist, like the one where George is caught fawning over a teenager played by then-unknown Denise Richards.

But comedian Tim Young said younger audiences may be missing the point.

“You have four terrible people in a world of nice people and you are laughing at their terrible behavior,” he said.  

The episode where Jerry and George are mistaken for a gay couple was also called out, but back in the '90s, when it aired, that episode actually won an award from GLAAD.

“The entire point of that episode was to show acceptance of gay couples,” Young said. 

“Seinfeld,” like all classic TV shows, should be looked at in context as a reflection of a different era, he added. 

“This is something that worked then, it works now, we can't banish it,” Young said. “Get over it!”