Selfless Boy, 10, Tells Santa He Doesn't Need Christmas Gifts: 'I Want Every Kid to Have a Present'

A 10-year-old Tennessee boy wrote a letter telling Santa to think about other kids this Christmas.

A Tennessee father told his children to think about their Christmas lists with a giving heart.

Matt Leadbetter wanted his kids to think about others, as well as themselves.

His 10-year-old son, Houston, took his father's guidance very seriously.

To Santa, he wrote: "I want nothing for Christmas. I want every kid to have a present instead of me." 

His father was overcome at his son's generosity.

"I was proud," Matt told CBS News. "I was happy. I teared up."

"It was nice that he's kept this in his heart and mind over the years and still wants to continue to do something."

Every year, Houston and his grandmother pass out Christmas baskets to those in need.

"It's really fun because everybody else gets something they don't have, and I can help out the community with stuff they need," the boy said.

"I just want everyone else to have something to make them happy," Houston said.

And his dad says that Houston will most definitely have presents under the tree, despite his missive to Santa Claus.