Selma Blair Granted Restraining Order Against Ex-Boyfriend After Alleged Attack

The actress says her ex-boyfriend violently attacked and threatened to kill her.

Actress Selma Blair has been granted a restraining order against her former boyfriend after he allegedly attacked and threatened to kill her. 

Ron Carson was arrested for domestic violence with corporal injuries, and Blair was later photographed with bruises. 

Blair says the violent assault happened when she was lying on the couch in her Los Angeles home. She says she told her ex that she wasn’t feeling well and had been medicated all day to treat her multiple sclerosis — a diagnosis she got in 2018. That’s when Blair says Carson began screaming and lunged at her. 

According to the restraining order application filed by the actress, her ex yelled, “You can’t do anything, you can’t love anybody. You’re f******* useless, you cripple…I can do so much better than you,” and also threatened to kill her.

Blair says Carlson grabbed [her] by her neck and strangled her, throttled her and shook her head. She says she tried to fight him off and believes “her fingers pushed inside [his] eyes or mouth.” She was unable to breathe and lost consciousness, according to her restraining order application.

The couple had been reportedly dating on and off again for seven years. 

Carlson denies attacking Blair, claiming he’s the victim. He says a photo shows injuries Blair inflicted on him.

He says the fight started when he declined to sit next to her, and she became angry and “swung at his face with her right arm and struck him in the eye.” He says she then “attacked him with both arms, scratching him in the nose, eyes and cheek.” 

Carson has also filed for a restraining order. 

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