Shane Dawson Says He Has Never Done Anything Weird With His Cats

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Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson is facing heavy backlash for what he said in a resurfaced clip from his podcast.

In it, he describes performing a sexual act on his cat when he was 19. "I laid the cat down on her back, I moved her little chicken legs like, you know, spread open or whatever. If I just like, hump her tummy that's not weird. Whatever," he is heard saying, while his guests laugh.

Now that the clip resurfaced, Dawson, 30, denied the incident he describes ever took place and insisted he was just joking.

In a flurry of tweets Monday, the YouTuber explained himself, starting off by saying in part, "I did not f*** my cat ... I've never done anything weird with my cats."

Dawson went on to say, "I've learned my lesson over and over again and I'm more confident now in my ability to be entertaining by just being myself and not being so shocking for laughs."

It's not the first time Dawson has had to issue a mea culpa for his controversial remarks, having apologized for making jokes about everything from pedophilia to blackface.

Dawson said he is no longer the person he was when he used to make those types of videos.


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