Sled Dog Team in Alaska Loses Mushers, Tears Down Highway

A sled dog team tears down highway in Alaska.
The dogs were tearing down a highway. Only in Alaska/Facebook

Motorists were able to fence in the dogs and get them off a highway.

McKenna Wall thought it was odd to see a sled dog team running down a highway. It was even more odd to see an empty driver's seat. 

She took video as her fiance pulled their vehicle in front of the animals bolting down a busy thoroughfare  in Fairbanks, Alaska.

"I felt kind of panicky, that we should help," she told CBS News. "There was a lot of people kind of hanging out the window trying to keep the dogs off the road."

Other drivers helped box in the dogs. The six runners were piled into a Subaru while their owner, former Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race competitor Gwen Holdmann was notified.

The owner said her children were giving a friend a ride in the sled, with Holdmann ahead of them in a "snow moped," which looks like a scooter mounted on skis.

The dogs skidded on ice and the sled tipped sideways, dumping the children. When the sled righted itself, the dogs kept running.

When she called police to say her dogs were running free, the officers already knew exactly where the animals were.

"At least they chose to go on the right side of the road," Holdmann said. "Nobody was hurt. that's how you hope things like this will end, because I was pretty scared."