Some Neighbors Are Hopping Mad Over Dentist's Risque Easter Display

A New Jersey dentist has scantily clad mannequins and large, shiny Easter eggs outside his office.

One New Jersey dentist has some of his neighbors hopping mad this Easter season.

Dr. Wayne Gangi has been dubbed the "Hugh Hefner" of Easter displays by his neighbors. Outside his office, he's set up festive mannequins, dressed as bunnies in knee-high stockings and leotards. Keeping with the holiday theme, the mannequins are holding baskets filled with large, shiny eggs.

"This is garbage," one neighbor said. "Definitely not appropriate for children."

Patt Frederica was so upset by the display that she left a note for the dentist expressing her disgust.

"I've asked him to please take it down, and I told him that he's basically a chauvinistic pig," she said.

But others say the get up is all in good fun.

"This is a good one," another passerby said. "This is funny."

There are no laws against decorations like Gangi's, so he doesn't have to take them down if he doesn't want to.

One woman thought Gangi is "just crossing the line." She added, "I'd like to take them down myself."

And that's exactly what she did. Equipped with her own pair of scissors, she cut down each mannequin one by one and piled them up in the driveway. When asked if she was concerned she would be fined for handling someone else's property, she called the mannequins "disgusting."

Gangi said he's surprised by the backlash because, he claims, women suggested he set up the display.

"I can only say that the women are the ones who encouraged me to do it," he said, adding that "a lot" of his patients told him to "have some fun out there."

Gangi said he plans to put the mannequins back on display.