Son Says He's Devastated by Parents' Murders, Allegedly at Hands of Pilot: Today on Inside Edition

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The son of two people who were allegedly killed by a pilot told Inside Edition he's still devastated by their deaths years later. 

Christian Richard Martin, 51, was put in handcuffs and escorted off a plane he was about to fly Saturday as he was arrested for allegedly killing three people, including Matt Phillips' parents. Hear why Phillips is looking forward to the trial. 

A YouTuber is facing backlash for pranking unsuspecting Walmart employees by pretending to be the company's CEO and then "firing" them. Read what Walmart had to say about the prank. 

As Meghan Markle was celebrating her first Mother's Day weekend as mom to baby Archie, her ex-husband was tying the knot. Get the details

And Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty for her role in the college admissions scandal.

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