South Carolina Police Officer Buys Gas for Father-of-Two Whose Car Broke Down

Credit: Greenville Police Department
Credit: Greenville Police Department

He was trying to get to work.

A South Carolina police officer went above the call of duty to help a man whose car broke down in the middle of the road.

Greenville Police Officer Ben Miller, 30, said he received a call last Wednesday about congestion on a local road and when he arrived he spotted a man who looked upset.

“He looked like he’d been crying,” Miller told

Miller helped the man push his truck into a nearby parking lot.

The father-of-two explained to Miller that’d he’d been trying to get to work and only had $6 to his name.

“I asked him if I could buy him a gas can,” Miller said. “I just felt bad for him. He was extremely thankful.”

The kind deed was captured on video by another officer and posted to the department’s Facebook page.

“You’ve got a strong officer, luckily,” the unidentified man says as they push the truck together.

Miller said he did what he’d want anyone to do.

The man also told Miller he’d had previous run-ins with police that weren’t as positive.

“I was happy I could show him another side,” Miller added.