Spill Leaves North Carolina Highway Covered in Cookie Dough

Cookie dough
That's a lot of dough.Pender EMS & Fire


Gobs and gobs of ooey gooey cookie dough turned a North Carolina highway into a sticky mess this week.

Photos taken by Pender EMS & Fire showed some one dozen large containers turned over onto U.S. Route 17 near Wilmington on Tuesday, spilling out their contents onto the hot asphalt as temperatures reached 80 degrees.

While The Associated Press reports the spill caused traffic headaches into rush hour, no injuries were reported.

In an ironic twist, Tuesday also happened to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Earlier this month, a similarly sweet spill happened in Poland, where a tanker carrying liquid chocolate tipped over and spilled its contents all over the highway. 

Those aren't even the strangest such spills. Not long before the chocolate incident, thousands of $20 bills flew across eight lanes of traffic in Indianapolis after they fell off a Brinks armored truck 

And that was all just in May.

Back in December, flaming avocados tumbled across a Texas highway after the truck carrying the produce caught on fire. Last year, 7,500 pounds of "slime eels" caused slippery conditions in Oregon.