Stop Calling About the Sunfish in Broad Cove, Massachusetts Authorities Beg

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There’s nothing wrong with the sunfish in Broad Cove.

That’s what Wareham, Massachusetts officials are telling locals after several reports to the police about the bizarre looking marine life fisherman are mistaking for an injured seal or shark.

“The sunfish is totally fine,” the Department of Natural Resources Officer Joshua Kimball told Inside Edition. “We took the boat out, checked it, made sure it was OK.”

But residents are still expressing their adamant concerns. Since the sunfish was sighted in Broad Cove, located south of Boston, authorities have been inundated with more than a dozen calls regarding the unique fish.

“There’s something swimming around that’s injured,” one caller said.

Another said, “Is there anything you can do to help him? We’re all watching him flounder out there.”

Kimball explained the moment they heard reports of a flapping dorsal fin in the water, “we knew [it] was going to be a sunfish.

“It does look like a shark fin, so I think that was a little cause of concern for people as well,” he explained.

Sunfish can weigh up to a heaping two tons, and authorities say it’s not uncommon to see ocean sunfish in New England waters.


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