Stranded Humpback Whale Saved in Massive Argentina Rescue Effort

The behemoth whale was rescued in around-the-clock effort.

A behemoth humpback whale was rescued in a massive effort involving dozens of humans and a heavy machinery. 

The 7-ton sea creature was stranded for more than a day on the coast of Argentina. People worked for 28 hours to help the ailing whale that was too weak too move, biologists said.

The beast swam aground Saturday in the resort town of Mar del Tuyu, about 200 miles south of Buenos Aires.

Eventually, a crane was brought in to pull the mammal out to sea. The first effort failed because the whale didn't have enough strength to move its tail or fins.

A tugboat was enlisted, as well as a special harness, to pull the animal far into the waters, where it regained enough energy to swim away.