Students Across the World Blew Off School to Save the Earth

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Students across the world blew off school to fight for their future. 

The student-led climate strike brought out thousands of teens in their own cities to get lawmakers to act on global warming.

Some cities, like New York, gave students permission to skip class to take part in the strike. 

"Today's Climate Strike in New York City has three main demands," Azalea Danes, a New York City Public School student, told reporters. "The first one is no fossil fuels in democracy and governments, business, or media. The second one is a just transition to 100% renewable energy. And the third demand is hold polluters accountable."

Those demands were echoed elsewhere, like in Australia.

"In school, I am learning about the effects of climate change and I'm learning that we need to do something," said Gina Hale, a student in Melbourne. "Yet I'm seeing that the people in charge, and the people who are running our country aren't doing anything. To me, this is confusing, so I'm here today to step up and say no more."

Petr Svanda, a student in Prague, emphasized that climate change is "real."

"It is coming for us, and it does not matter who you are. Whether you are rich or poor, this thing is real and it does not isolate," Svanda said. 


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