Thanksgiving Travel May Prompt Huge COVID-19 Surge Leading to 3,000 Deaths Per Day

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Despite pleas from the Centers for Disease Control to stay put this holiday weekend, more people passed through airport security on Sunday than on any other single day since the beginning of the pandemic. Now health officials are bracing for a catastrophic surge of new infections.

Many of those who ignored advice not to travel for Thanksgiving are now taking the virus with them to work. Health experts expect to see a large uptick in about one to two weeks, and they urge anyone who traveled over the holiday to get tested.

“I would wait a few days. Most people who are going to become positive get positive after about a week, six, seven or eight days. If you are going to get a test, that's the time to get a test,” infectious disease specialist Dr. William Schaffner told Inside Edition.

Experts are predicting a shocking 3,000 deaths per day before Christmas.

However, despite the dire warnings, a recent study estimates that if 95% of the country was diligent about wearing masks, about 65,000 lives could be saved between now and March 1.


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