The Most Dramatic Rescues of 2022 That Were Caught on Camera

Dramatic Rescues 2022
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Some of the most daring and dramatic rescues of the year were caught on camera in pulse-pounding videos.

In a year filled with heart-stopping moments, these were the most dramatic rescues of 2022.

In January, a teen drove behind buildings with her newborn stuffed in a trash bag. Then she tossed the baby into a dumpster and drove off. That night, three people looked in the trash and thought they heard a cat. They retrieved the bag, and found the baby alive.

Also in January, as kids were watching TV when the oldest, 9-year-old Tristan Cook, smelled smoke. He got up, opened the door, and saw their den was in flames. So he took action. His sister zoomed out on her hoverboard, and the other siblings followed. Everyone made it out safely.

In February, there was a desperate race to save two children trapped inside an apartment. Bodycam showed Arizona police throwing rocks to break open the window. Then, a good Samaritan appeared out of nowhere. He looked like Spider-Man as he hopped the fence, stood on the air conditioner, ripped the window out and went inside. He then reappeared with a baby. As the officer rushed her to a medic, the man climbed back inside to rescue another child.

In March, a cowboy was thrown off a bull. As wranglers tried to divert the animal, a man jumped into the arena and threw his body onto the unconscious man. It wasn’t just any spectator. It was the bull rider’s father.

In April, police dashcam showed when how officers and a good Samaritan pulled a man from a burning car in Florida. Neighbors called 911 once they heard a loud crash and the man screaming for help. When deputies arrived, they found his seatbelt caught around his neck and upper body. The heat from the flames was unbearable, making the rescue difficult. They used a pocket knife to cut the seatbelt off the victim to free him, and with the help of the good Samaritan, the man safely got out.

A rescue in April occurred as one home was engulfed in flames; a dog was heard barking and high-pitched squeals were coming from the garage. Using a shovel, cops pried open the door. A Husky bolted out of the smoke-filled garage. But seven puppies were still inside. So a cop loaded them into a large food bowl and rushed them out. After massages and medical attention, they were all better.

In June, a man and a woman on a motorcycle were hit from behind by a car in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The woman tumbled off the bike, and the driver was trapped under the vehicle. Within seconds, strangers watching sprang into action and lifted the car. Eventually, the victim was pulled to safety.

In November, Me’Atia Sanderson was hailed a hero after jumping into a retention pond to save a drowning baby. The Florida sheriff’s deputy jumped into the murky water without hesitation. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Sanderson is unable to swim but still took action. After the baby was out of the water, she performed CPR on him until backup arrived. Thanks to her fearlessness and quick thinking, the baby was saved.

Also in November, a Georgia marathon runner suffered a heart attack. As cops found the location of the man, another runner gave the victim runner chest compressions. After 10 agonizing minutes, the stricken runner regained consciousness. He was surprisingly alert as he was taken to the hospital.

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