The Most Heart-Stopping Moments of 2021: Gator Attacks, Lightning Strikes and Acts of Heroism Caught on Camera

The year was packed with memorable moments.

When it comes to exciting, memorable, and shocking moments, 2021 didn’t disappoint.

Several heroes emerged throughout the year, including a pastor who tackled a gunman in a Tennessee church and a child in Florida who escaped an alleged kidnapper.

Animals worldwide attacked ferocity, including an alligator who took a bite out of a trainer in Utah. 

In North Carolina, a bobcat pounced on a couple in their driveway.

Daredevils performed death-defying stunts, a Jeep was struck by lightning, and a hoverboard exploded inside a house.

For details about these heart-stopping moments, Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

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