This 10-Year-Old Gives the Best Pep Talks

He makes up his inspirational speeches on the fly!

This kid gives the pep talks of all pep talks!

Lane Bridges, 10, went viral after video of his rousing speech to his pee-wee football team in Texas was posted to social media. In the clip, he enthusiastically boosts the spirits of his comrades.

"Have passion. Be determined. Be this team!," he said.

He made such an impact in his community, that he was asked to pump up the team at the local high school.

"Right now you are a maverick," Lane told the teens.

Inside Edition invited him to our New York City studio to do the same for our team.

"You deserve this. You work hard every single day," he told us to claps and cheers.

His mom, Courtney, is not surprised by her son's enthralling speeches, which he said he makes up on the fly!

"He's always been something else, that's for sure," she said.