This Man Saw a Plastic Surgeon to Fix His 'RBF'

He didn't want to look like he was always angry.

Wish you could change your "resting bitch face"? That's exactly what these people set out to do.

Kyle Lee, 26, says he has "RBF." He sells hats and worries about turning off customers

"People will say to me, 'Oh, what's wrong?' Or, 'Are you frustrated?' And I'll say, 'No, why do you say that?' And they'll say, 'Oh, you just give off the vibe that you're a little angry.'"

Plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says he has the solution for Lee: a procedure that makes people look friendly.

"The people with the 'resting bitch face,' their downward muscles are pulling too hard, so it's pulling the corner of their mouth down. So we put Botox in there to weaken the muscle and then the smiling muscles can take over," Shafer said.

How does Lee look after his procedure? Watch the video above to see.